Monday, August 11, 2008

Riding in a Group

I'm a group rider. I'm pretty social - between friends (3 or 4 groups) and a couple of web sites I hang out with, I seem to always have someone to ride with. Been a couple of years since I really went out by myself. Well, it rained two weekends ago, I was busy last weekend, tomorrow is comitted, and next weekend is busy. Bunch of friends were going away Saturday and Sunday, but with commitments Sunday, no go. So I went and got the scoot and did about 120 miles by myself. Up to wash the bike, then watching some Olympics and lunch at Old Man Rafferties. Then down the Canal to Allentown, rockin trip down 524 for some ice cream and home.

You know what? It's awesome riding alone. Bein a good rider, bein social and having a nice bike, it's always nice comparing and storming with some of my boys (and girls). But you know what, riding by myself, I didn't need to make sure I was ridin fast enough to keep the bombers interested, while slow enough to keep the pack together (I lead alot). I didn't have to worry the track was gonna slow my butt down. It was just nice to worry about only me, and to go at a pace that was good for me. To stop for gas, or stop at the bank when I needed.

Maybe I'll take off next Tuesday and scout new roads around Frenchtown that look awesome on the map...

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